Spacer-feature glitch

When an email is sent, the spacer-feature dramatically increases - causing too much extra space in the email.

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Hi @NeilE53,


Can you help us by providing some more information so we can take a closer look at be able to best assist you with this, such as the name of the campaign that is displaying incorrectly and the email client you are seeing this on?


The email this happened on previously has already been fixed because it was sent out yesterday. This does seem to occur multiple times though. The email client I use is Outlook Portal and Microsoft Outlook 2010. I tried replicating the occurence using the email campaign named "Spacer glitch test". When I put the editing view and the test email side-by-side, there is noticeable extra space from the spacers. Sometimes, the extra space is even more dramatic. By all means, feel free to use the same draft in order to test it. Thanks!

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I've seen this happen too. It is unpredictable unfortunately and we have found the amount and way it is spaced can vary from mail server to mail server.

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Was this addressed? I'm experiencing a similar, if not the same, spacing issue, and it's quite frustrating. Due to the glitchiness of the platform (what I see in the editor and sometimes the preview often doesn't reflect what is actually sent), I send test emails to myself quite often. Without having made any changes to sections of content, I notice that extra spaces are somehow added at times. When I go back to the draft, you can't see the spaces to make an adjustment. I've had to re-type entire sections of content (not even copy and paste, since that's also glitchy even when stripping metadata by using the notepad). Please fix this.

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