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Subject line copy ARRRGHHH!

I often copy previous emails for format and then revise content, e.g. newsletters, press releases. It would be SO HELPFUL if CTCT would "know" that this is a copy and ask me before sending "YOU COPIED THIS EMAIL. IS THE SUBJECT LINE CORRECT?" I constantly forget to change the subject line to match the new content. And then I look like an idiot to my boss and my readers. Sigh.


HI @NoelZ

You actually should see a warning about this when you are on the scheduling page!




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I'm not sure why your 2nd Generation Editor (2GE) has built into in a pre-populate feature for subject line and text of email links, yet you left it out of 3GE. It is extremely obvious that is a feature we need. And since 3GE is probably going to be your final version for a while, please fix it. I don't want to go back to 2GE for just that feature, as 3GE has features I want that 2GE doesn't offer. Love the new platform though. KUDOS.

What happened to the subject line you could fill in when entering an email link? Like when you are sending an invitation and want people to rsvp by email. Without it, the administrator receives a bunch of emails without subject lines. And if you have more than 1 event going on, it's a major problem. Seems like a simple thing to put into the new version. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!

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I need to copy email newsletters from the old format. But even though I’ve been paying for years, the program forces me to switch to the new format. I don’t have time to re-create new ones. 

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