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Support en and em dash

Support en and em dash

Would be great if the system is able to support more advanced punctuation like en and em dashes, right now it just converts them to hyphens.

To be clear of what I'm referring to, see the link below.

It used to support them! Why did they take it away?

I did find this:   <span style="letter-spacing: -3px;"> --- </span> which puts in an em dash


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Yes, but that will only work if you can edit the html which has been taken away.

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Hey @RobertM065 is there a specific area where you're not able to insert the em-dash? I just tested within our editor and was able to insert it without an issue. 

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So... the way I usually key in an em-dash is by pressing Shift/Option/Minus keys at once. In CC it shows it as a nice long "double hyphen" as it's supposed to, but then when I save and send the eBlast, it reverts back to a single hyphen. Every time. It's really annoying because it looks like my grammar is incorrect to readers. 

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Please fix the am-dash!! We need it, it is grammatically necessary and is driving us all nuts. So simple, yet still no luck:-)