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I went to copy a template and was told it was not mobile-friendly and most emails are opened on mobile devices. I was asked if I wanted to use a mobile-friendly template; I clicked yes and came to the template screen thinking it automatically directed me to the ones that were mobile-friendly. I picked one, created a new email from scratch; went to copy that email and received the same message. Now annoyed that my new template was also not mobile-friendly and thought, "O.k., when it takes me to the templates screen I guess I have to search for that. " So I did and very, very few were responsive design. I was under the impression when I joined that all the templates would be responsive design--you have so few templates to choose from to begin with and then to limit it even further does not seem worth the price to me. Can you please make all your templates responsive? And add some more? Thank you!
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Update: I always include my email in the contact list I am sending to so I have an idea of when it went out. (I always use Schedule Now). Well, I checked my phone and the email was perfect--maybe there is some odd measaging pop-ups going on?


Hi @VeronicaD086

Thanks for letting us know this is happening. I'll see if I can replicate the popup with mobile templates. We do offer mobile friendly and mobile responsive template for you to pick from if you want. To find these in your account you can scan the templates to look for the phone icon or just search for "mobile"!


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I'm unable to choose which kind of template I want now without going through them all. Before, I could specify the types I was looking for. Am I missing something? This is timewasting!
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