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We send test emails to our team for proofing.  It would be SO helpful if the notification, which is currently in red - located at the very bottom of the email, was at the top so that we could see immediatly that this is a test - and not the completed and sent email.



Perhaps it would be helpful, when sending a test preview that the words now shown at the bottom of the preview are placed at the top of the preview. We seem to have a lot of ongoing problems with this from many different people.

This would be very helpful! I'd love to see TEST or DRAFT in the subject line. We've had a few "wait, did this already go out?" instances even with the in-email messages.

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I provide the email communication service for our community association. I must always send an advance email to volunteers advising them a TEST email is coming. Without the advance email, they usually do not understand it was a test and either accept something they would like to have improved or complain I didn't give the a chance to have input. When timelines are short, such as when weather changes an event location or time, this becomes a more serious problem. The test email feature should be more clearly denoted as a test.


Hi @MVCAMaster

Thanks for this feedback! Wha do you think would make this more obvious for you? Do you think that the test message at the bottom isn't noticable? 


Yes. A simple THIS IS A TEST as the FIRST LINE (not subject, but body) in the email would be a HUGE improvement instead of having it at the bottom!!!


Thank you!

Hello - My colleagues and I frequently send each other test emails before sending a campaign. It would be extremely useful if the red text "THIS IS A TEST EMAIL ONLY" and the corresponding paragraph was at the top of the email, instead of at the bottom. Thank you!
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I routinely send test emails to others for their approval, and the others routinely think the test is the real thing because the personal notes at the top are tiny and the notification of a test email is all the way at the bottom.  Please either put the notification of a test at the top of the email, or make the personal note bigger and more obvious.



Red writing is great, but could easily be overlooked if the reader doesn't scroll down that far. If you add it at the top of the message, as well as the bottom, it would be confused with an actual "official" email message less often.

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