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Test email notice

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Test email notice

When I send a test email, a green notice shows up above the recipients list on your site for about 5 seconds saying that my test has been sent. But it disappears quickly.  So if I miss the notice, I don't know if it actually was sent.  Can you leave that notice up longer, please? 

Perhaps it could even say something like "Test sent at 11:43 am" or something like that . . . until you send the next test.

Thank you very much for your consideration

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Agree 100%


Or perhaps CC can have the green window show/reveal next to the "Send" button ....

OR put the Send button at the top of the page next to the area where the Preview Sent - or what ever it says ...because 90% of the time all I see is a part of the green box as I scroll up to try and glimpse it. ...... or I listen to a different computer I have which dings when email arrives - If I hear the ding I presume it was the preview.  I have a mac and a windows laptop so I can check formatting on both machines because suprise suprise... its different and sometimes when the HTML code is not quite right coloured text is revealed as black on a mac even though it appears ok in the CC platform editing and preview pages and is OK on a windows machine and an android phone ... but there is a problem on an iOS machine.  Ditto for the specific font and the font details such as incline or bold. This issue is especially a problem in tables when I change the colour of the text  - it looks like its correct but actually it is not on an iOS machine