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Constant Contact is way behind industry standards in terms of the formatting of plain text emails. Your system replaces my URLS with tracking URLs that are unnecessarily and ridiculously long. Ideally, the system should create a clean text version that I can then edit, as I see fit. As it stands, these are very LABOR INTENSIVE to get them to look presentable. Frankly, I'd rather have a text email look good than have it filled with garbage just to track clicks.No one is going to read it anyway when it's a hot mess! I am seriously considering returning to my previous email vendor. Their text version was clean with URLs entered as footnotes. (And, they are a relatively small company!) For more specific communications re. this issue, please see ref:_00D708xak._500391Z0hY3:ref

 HI @QUAdmissions

Thanks for this feedback. Do you have a lot of users who read the text version only? If so, do you know why they choose that version? Do you send out one email for both the people who view the HTML and Text versions? If you sent different versions you could always remove the tracking from the URLs in the text version as to cut the edit time down.

Thanks for your help!

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