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Text formatting

Text formatting

Please, please, fix the editor so that when text is pasted in from another program, it appears with the DESTINATION formatting (the existing formatting of the campaign). I waste so much time reformatting text to match what's already there, every time I bring in new content. (I saw the help doc about pasting text into a text editor first to strip complex formatting; this doesn't help. It still gets pasted in a color, font, size, etc. that's different from what's already there.)


This would make Constant Contact so much easier to use. Thanks.

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Please add a tool to remove formatting/coding from text that is being copied and pasted in from another source. Square Space has this tool, and it's extremely helpful.


Also, please enable Events to accept additional reservations from the same email address. We work with churches, and often a leader tries to register people for the same event on multiple occasions. They hit a road block when they try to use their own email address to re-enter the event registration. And...they don't know why it's happening. This is a frustrating experience for our constituents and us.


Thanks for your consideration of these ideas!

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This is one thing that could be "fixed" by having access to the html text, since you have not designed the interface to allow this type of paste requested by BrynC6. With access to the html code, at least you would be able to pick up the formatting in the template.