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Dear Constant Contact, I love your service and have used it weekly for years. You introduced a new editor which I just started using because I had previously found it to be difficult and limited. One of your trainers spent some time with me showing me the ropes. I created our new weekly email using it this week. I couldn't be more disappointed. Twice already I have encountered undeveloped or untested features regarding fonts and the resizing of images. Even the image editor is not working correctly. I appreciated that your support people referred these problems to your engineering team; however, I am a bit incredulous that you would get rid of the old editor before you get the kinks worked out of the new. I am not inclined to use the new editor. The flexibility and capabilities of the old editor make my work much easier. I have spent too much time this week troubleshooting. I know that these changes were made to allow for responsive design but I would encourage you to continue to build current capabilities and flexibility into the new editor. I do love the drag and drop. My intent is not to be rude but to give you honest feedback. Thank you. 


Mindy Owens


I agree Mindy!


In the quest to perhaps be more novice friendly lots of features I've used for over 10 year are now gone. Templates, editing HTML, etc. It is beyond frustrating. Today I noticed that the preview links feature is gone, replaced with the option of adding people to a segmented list. While that is a nice feature you should not remove useful old ones to add something new.


Constant Contact, don't drive a way loyal customers in the quest for new ones!

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Hi @GreentreeCommunityChurch and @naturalresources

Thank you both for this feedback. I understand it's honest and we appreciate that! I would like to touch on a couple things you both mentioned...


First, the new editor isn't the only option right now and that's intentional. We know it doesn't work for everyone at this moment which is why the other editor still exists. That being said, the new editor has tons of positive features too.


Mindy - Can you tell me more about "regarding fonts and the resizing of images. Even the image editor is not working correctly"? What was happening with each of these? I'd like to check to make sure we're aware of the specific issue and even get you an update if I can. 

NaturalResources - What do you feel like your missing as far as templates? Are you looking for a specific design or layout? The templates are completely editable and what's awesome about the new editor is you can totally mix up the layout as needed. 


HTML access is a common feature we hear about but what we'd really like to learn more about is what you are trying to get into the HTML to edit. Are you looking to access something to make it custom? Are you trying to fix something that doesn't seem correct? We would like to try to correct or implement fixes for these actions rather than the full HTML access that was the cause of display issues in the older editor. 


You are right about the preview links button. We took it away in order to provide the List Segmentation feature without having a cluttered window. This is something our product teams are willing to consider if enough people ask for it so I'll add your vote and comment to that idea. 


- Hannah



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The best thing you might do for those of us who are longer term customers, is to champion re-design of the new interface and reworking the new editor.  I guess I am fortunate in that I rarely use the editor. I write my own HTML code and just drop it into whatever I am working on.  Sometimes your editor chokes and I need to get a little creative. 

All that being said, I still need to negotiate the labyrinth that is the new interface. I am NOT getting used to it, in fact as every day adds to the previous one - I loathe it even more.

I have in fact, looked at other email services and sadly none that I have looked at offer the integration of email, events, and payment systems that are present in CC.  I truly feel trapped and should I find another service equivalent to CC, I am gone like a shot.



Hi @PunchCard

Thanks for adding your thoughts. Can you tell me what seems to be the most recent (or any!) frustration in the new editor when you do use it?

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Thank you for your reply.  Please re-read my original input.  My issues are NOT with the editor - in fact the editor I have presented to me is pretty much the same one I have been using for the past couple of years.  Maybe others are getting a different editor.  As for me I do my HTML programming off line and drop the code into the various boxes for publication - all very efficient for me.


My big complaint (and obviously that of many other customers) is the new interface. It is a productivity time suck. It violates the senses: it is not at all aesthetically pleasing; negotiating the screens to complete basic work takes way too much effort (translation - mouse clicks and time wasted waiting for the screen to re-paint); and worst of all -- the lay out is not logical.  Logic is a VERY big thing for those of us steeped in actual programming.


Thank you for your support.  I remain hopeful that positive changes are forthcoming.




I am managing campaigns for my client using constantcontact.we did not have problem earlier,since 10/16/2017 all the mails which are sent have missing the URL .We did a bit of R&D found that instead of plain text string if I use a hyperlink format the URL shows up.

Please advise how to attach URL in plain text in email.



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I agree with most of the complaints in this line - You fixed many things that weren't broken.

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Since we haven’t heard back from you I’m marking this idea as closed.

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Closed?? What?  Have my requests for revising the interface gone un-noticed?



@PunchCard Your feedback has not gone unnoticed.  Our UX and Product teams are continuously working to improve the interface.  We closed this thread as it hasn't received any votes or been commented on in several months.  If you have any more specific feedback about the interface we'd love it if you share in a new thread so we can get additional votes and feedback from other community members.

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