Third Generation Editor Is Too Limited (1 star)

I'm sorry, I have been using CC for about 6 years and I find the new editor really lacking. It may be fine for inexperienced designers or some do-it-yourself business owners but for the rest of us professional graphic and web designers it really sucks. I'm forced to use it because the company I work does not want to migrate to another vendor. I got so frustrated using the editor that I finally ended up designing it in HTML/CSS in the custom code editor. That works well but if any of my non HTML colleagues need to edit text they have to call on me to do the slightest text edits. The previous version allowed you to get under the hood of each module and fine tune the HTML/CSS to fit your needs. What happened to that?! The new editor seems to have been designed to be idiot proof and for the lowest common denominator and the resulting emails look like it.

Mark Goings
Graphics Specialist

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Hi @simmonslm55 what about our current Third Generation Editor does not fit your needs? What features are you looking for that may not currently be available?