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This is silly. I can copy some email sent as long ago as May 2020, but cannot copy one build in Feb 2021?


Yes, I tried converting an old email using the instructions found here. IT DID NOT WORK. It looks nothing similar. It imported a bunch of stuff from a completely different email which requires hand fixing. I really do not have time this week to learn a completely new system and rebuild everything. 


I cannot imagine any of the positives from denying access to copy "Legacy" emails (barely a month old!!!) would outweigh the frustration of taking a tool which is supposed to save time and making it time consuming instead. 


And no, your support services do not appear available on a Sunday. But my schedule is not built around yours. 




Eric Morris

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Hi @EricM451 thanks for sharing this feedback! It appears you have previously worked in both our updated Email Newsletter as well as our outdated Legacy Newsletter templates. You are however correct, the ability to copy these Legacy Newsletter templates has since been removed from our users as we are dedicating resources to making this editor the best it can be. With that said, what did not import the way you expected it to? How did it appear versus how it should have? Having any further details is helpful information for us to track and troubleshoot further.

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