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Hi! I love Constant Contact! I find that I often want a thumbnail image of the first page of my newsletter to post on Facebook, on my website, etc. Its time consuming to do this on my own and I end up with a so-so image. I usually end up creating a jpg of the campaign and then using snipping software to just grab an image of the first page. I wish your software had a way to do this for me. Thanks! Kathleen
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Hi @ElaineM369 how does our print/download feature not fit your needs to download a thumbnail image of your newsletter?

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Hi Frankie,

I can't find any way to create a thumbnail of the first page of the newsletter with the print/download feature.  Having a thumbnail or image of the first page would be great to post as a picture on Facebook to say "hey our newsletter is out! Click on the link below to view."

If I missed it, please let me know. As far as I can tell, I can only create an image of the entire newsletter, which is several pages long. This translates to an image that is very long and skinny, not at all useful for posting as a picture on Facebook or my website. 


Hi @ElaineM369 have you tried adjusting the scale on this print/download page so this first page thumbnail fits on a single page? Once you do this you can click the print icon, set your "Destination" as "Save as PDF" in the drop-down, and click save.




Does this work for you?

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Hi Frankie,

Thanks for the suggestion, but this doesn't work either. My newsletter is several pages long, so even if I adjust the scale down to 50% (the lowest it will go) the image created is still long and skinny and at least 2 pages long. 

Would love to be able to create an image or thumbnail capturing just the first page!

Thanks for your help,


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Hi @ElaineM369 Thanks for trying this workaround and providing further details! We have opened this idea up so other users can weigh in as well.

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I would love to automatically display a thumbnail (or any image) of our campaign on our website, which is what ElaineM (above) was trying to do, I think. The embeddable code is great, but only displays as a list. Is there currently a way to access and/or show the thumbnail of the campaign? Thanks!


Hi @BarbaraG290 this thread is focused on including a thumbnail of an email as the image option through social share. How does downloading the image version of your campaign not fit your needs?

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