Time Scheduled column for list of all emails

We have a survey going out for every course at our annual meeting and I need to be able to check at a glance if everything is lined up for the right time throughout the day. Can we get a column for the time an email is scheduled for so I don't have to open each one?

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I'd like to be able to sort my emails by released/scheduled date, not just modified date. It seems that emails scheduled used to sort by date, showing furthest out at the top of the list. Sorting by scheduled date helps to visually space out when emails are released. Thanks.
hope you are working on letting us see scheduled emails by date they are scheduled.
sort by date
can't u put back the option - scheduled emails in date order-
Please Please Please allow us to sort scheduled emails by the date they are scheduled. This feature has been eliminated when you "improved"
following needed... 1. sort by date range 2. after opening a past email need to return to same list of emails instead of returning to beginning of list. now it returns to top of order and it takes time to go back to that date period to find other emails sent around that time. eg need to find emails sent July last year. now have to scroll thru 5 pages of listed emails to find it - and when returning to list have to scroll thru same 5 pages to get back to that month

The date and time sent in the new reporting should be the date and time it is actually delivered and sent.  The dates appearing are the dates and time it was scheduled.  This does not help to determine best actual delivery times.

On your dropdown for campaigns, you have last modified, old new etc, can you also include time and date to run? Similar to your old style. I t would be helpful to know what message is going out to our members the next day so that I can promote/remind members of the event in other ways as well. Also, there are several of us who use constant contact, so it would be helpful to track what's going out on a day to day in chronological order. Thanks so much!
are we every going to be able to sort by date? Why did you take away that feature?
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I would like to be able to sort like the previous version of the app. This version doesn't seem to be sorting by event date - I have two emails sent on the same date and they are not next to each other on the list.
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I agree this is very frustrating. We need the option to sort by date not when last modified or a-z.

why did u remove the option to sort scheduled emails by date? Bring it back!
Hi, can you please also show the time the emails are scheduled for? (without having to click into each individual email). That way, at a glance we can see if everything is set up properly. Thank you.
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Need to be able to sort Events by Active, Done, etc.

The dates appearing in the "Time Sent" column in the new reporting are actually the dates and time it was "created" not sent. This is confusing.

PLEASE PLEASE let us be able to sort schedule emails by date
need to be able to sort scheduled emails by dates- as before you changed format
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Why is there no ability in the new system to see the scheduled campaigns in a list by the date they are scheduled? Very confusing now if you have many scheduled.
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Thank you for providing us with your feedback! I can understand how it would be more helpful to see the date as well as the time.

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