Tool box is blocked

When I'm trying to edit a block the tool box gets in the way and I can't see what I'm trying to edit in the header. This is very annoying. I mentioned it last year in a chat and it still isn't fixed!



Hi @AMSmith 


Thank you for sharing your feedback on this experience. I apologize the formatting toolbar is covering the text in your block. In these cases we suggest scrolling down on your page. We have seen this workaround of scrolling work well for other customers having this same experience.

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Hey @AMSmith, thanks for sharing this issue with us. We are aware of an issue that seems to affect some users where the toolbar won't automatically scroll down in some cases, which causes this issue. I've opened this idea up for voting so we can get input from other users, however, I wanted to see if you could check something for me. In your browser, are you currently zoomed in at all? This is often caused by the browser being zoomed in past 100%. You can quickly check this by pressing "Control + 0" (the number zero) at the same time when you're in your browser on Windows. If you're on Mac, it'd be "CMD + 0". 

This should reset your zoom to 100%. If you could try this and let me know what your results are, that'd be super helpful with this issue.


I learned from the Support Team that, to move the edit box so it doesn't block my text, I need to use Ctrl+0 to resize my screen and put the text I'm trying to edit at the bottom of the screen. Until I learned this, the incessant appearance of the edit box was really annoying since it interfered with seeing the text I was trying to edit. Can you make this more intuitive somehow?


Hello @FirstNameL248083,

Thanks for the feedback on this topic! Do you tend to zoom in or out often, or were you not aware your screen may not be on the default? Would you prefer the toolbar to move differently while editing?

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Whenever I click on a Text field to edit it, the editing box shows up directly OVER the text that I'm trying to edit, so I cannot see the text itself that I am trying to manipulate.  Consider having it hover just slightly above or away from the text itself so I can actually see it.  I am aware that I can scroll around to get it to get away, but the default should not be directly OVER my text.  Thank you for your consideration.

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I have this same issue. The box is relatively large and obstructs the view unless I position everything just right. Even on a large monitor I can't see it unless I have it start way down on the screen, and then I can't see the entire article.

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move the toolbar to the side of the email campaign into the empty gaps instead of blocking the email...
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Since the Constant Contact upgrade, when I go to edit text in an email the text formatting box is directly over the text I'm editing and it's impossible to see what I'm typing. This is so frustrating, causes a significant disruption to my work flow, and feels like it should be easy enough for the developers to make the box moveable at least so it's not directly over what we need to see when editing. Please prioritize this!!!

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Hi @celebrationbarn if you scroll up or down within the campaign, you should be able to view the entire text block depending on how much text you have entered. This is especially useful when you're typing towards the start of a block. How would you like to see the toolbar positioned otherwise?

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Thanks, Frankie. Ideally, I would simply be able to drag and move the text box out of the way, or have the default be that the box is a line or two above or below the text being edited, and not exactly over it, blocking the text being worked on from view. 


Hi @celebrationbarn thanks for sharing this feedback! In the meantime we have moved your post into a larger thread focused on this idea.

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Thanks! Where is this thread? I'd like to follow.

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