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Translation button

Would be great to have the option of inserting a translation button into email so clients could translate English text into Spanish!
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Hi @MCDPCOMM at this time there is not a translation tool available in our system. It is however a feature request we are continuing to track through this thread. The more requests we receive in this thread, the higher a priority it can be given.

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@julieb319 - you can opt out of receiving notifications when people respond to this thread in Constant Contact. However, it's important that others are able to post their need for translation services here. As long as the button is checked to 'receive a notification whenever someone responds,' you will get an email notification in your inbox.


While I'm generally happy with Constant Contact, the addition of a translation feature is getting to the point of being "business critical" for us. I hope Constant Contact will add this feature soon. If not, we would more than likely discontinue our annual corporate contract with Constant Contact, which we've had for about five years, if another competitor were able to offer it and Constant Contact could not.


There are LEGAL reasons why translations services, and ADA compliance features, must be standard in what is provided. These are  huge hot buttons particularly in the education community and without which, we will be unable to use contact contact in the future.     We also are looking into SMORE and others for these reasons.  

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I would love a translate feature!

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Am in desperate need of a translation button. I'd hate to leave Constant Contact for another email provider who has the translation button in place. Please add asap


We need a translation option to better meet audience needs. We've used Google Translate for web translation. Thanks!


Our school is very diverse and a translation button is critical so that all parents can get updates, newsletters and alerts.  I love Constant Contact and do not want to to leave for another provider, but we may have to.  Please consider adding this feature. I know there are many people who would be thankful and it would be good for your business!

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Yes we would love a way for the subject and content be easily translatable


Yes! A translation button would be great!

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Yes, it would be great to have this functionality added.

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Has there been an update on this feature? Our school has also been using Constant Contact for years for these same communication tools - newsletters, e-blasts to parents and staff. And with the covid season, it's been especially important to make sure our school community understands the information coming out.


I just saw this yesterday on a public school district site - looks so easy for our readers to switch with the translate button.




we are looking into this for our website so that we can have it available, and would love to be able to have this as a button imbedded on the footer of our newsletter or wherever it makes sense to place.




I am SHOCKED that there is no option to even add a spanish button where i can translate myself. This is insane in 2021. Please fix this ASAP.

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Our school also requires Spanish translation in order to continue using Constant Contact for our growing community. We have a commitment to our community to include Spanish translation in all parent communications. I hope this feature will become available summer 2021!

Looking forward to an update from Constant Contact.

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