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Would be great to have the option of inserting a translation button into email so clients could translate English text into Spanish!
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Some great feedback and use cases have been shared in this thread! Thank you all so much for taking the time to explain the importance of this feature within your organizations. We’ve compiled and discussed much of this feedback you’ve shared internally. There are no immediate developments happening, but we are continuing to share the feedback. We will mark this as Acknowledged and continue to keep this thread updated with any movement.

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Would still inquire about the option for Translation Button! Much needed for our agency newsletter. Please consider. Thank you.


I have seen several suggestions for a translation plugin and we also are in need of this option. We have been a client for 10+ years but I might have to leave your platform as I need to have this integrated to better serve our stakeholders. 


I have been asked to find a new e-newsletter system that offers translations that we can begin using next school year. It would be great if this was developed by Constant Contact so my principals and I don't need to learn a new system.  

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Please include the option  to Translate  our news letters in any language. 


I would also love a translation button or mechanism as we have such a divers audience our e-newsletter goes out to.

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Constant Contact, what's the latest on adding a translation button/link that allows e-newsletter recipients to click and choose the language they want to read the newsletter in? Google Translate would be a highly valuable addition to the Constant Contact e-newsletter. Empowering e-newsletter recipients with a translation button or link is critical. When might this be added to Constant Contact e-mail marketing and e-newsletters?

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We are a nonprofit organization in the education space. Our schools require information to be translated into Spanish. Please add a Translate option to your newsletters! Google Translate is the favored interface. 


Hello. Not having email translation for school districts forces us to have to do twice the work. This is making it, so we are looking for other options for email blasts. We live in a diverse world, and it would be fantastic if our communication were diverse too. Please consider making this happen ASAP so I won't have to leave constant contact for a competitor. I prefer to stay, but I have to be able to talk to ALL of our parents in the school district. Many thanks for considering my request.




One Frustrated Director of Communications

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Our school district has been a Constant Contact customer for over 10 years; we have more than 10,000 subscribers. We need to have an auto-translate option. If we do not have this option by the end of this school year, we will go with a different provider that does offer this service. 


I need many more languages than spanish. I am considering dropping Constant Contact for S'More due to this issue.

PLEASE advise when translate may available.


We are also looking for a translation button.  We have families who speak several different languages and the ability to translate directly on the newsletter would be ideal!


My school district has been using constant contact for a few years, but I am considering canceling and switching to S'more for the translation function.  It is essential for my viewers to be able to easily translate - Spanish + Polish are most needed, but several other languages as well.  

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Please add a translation feature so our student's parents can read our newsletters!

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We have been Constant Contact customers for several years, and an easy to use translation feature has always been on our wish list of product enhancements. Please consider adding this to your service!


We 100% need a translate feature in Constant Contact. You're an awesome company. Make it happen because it's the right thing to do, not based on market demand or complaints. 

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We translate everything for our parents - however, although I love the Constant Contact product I am having a hard time justifying it in my school district since parents aren't able to read our weekly Enewsletter in Spanish. I also don't have the time to create a separate Enewsletter in Spanish each week. Please help!


Becky Koltz

Communications Coordinator

Community High School District 94


We are constantly translating our newsletters and looking for a translation button.  We have families who speak several different languages, So the ability to translate directly on the newsletter would be a time-saver and a great add on. Please consider this for it would be a great assistant to all schools nationwide.

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As a school district, this is increasingly becoming an issue. It appears that we are not alone in this — and I imagine there are many, many districts who have the same concern, and this lack of functionality is becoming a deal-breaker. Please consider this add on! 


Please add the translate button. It is so important. I am considering looking at other companies that have this feature. It would save me so much time since now I have to go back and translate everything so I am doing double work. 


I truly need a translation button for my school district's account. We have resisted switching to Smore because I feel Constant Contact has a more professional feel, but we will be making the switch if this issue is not addressed by the start of the next school year.

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