Truly drop and drag capabilities needed

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I have a tendency to import PDFs designed in Adobe or Canva because I find the templates difficult to manipulate. Pictures and text should be truly drop and drag for placement. I hate the constraints of the Build - I battled for 15 minutes yesterday to put 3 images in a row next to each other - CC refused to allow!

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Hi @WendyG05 


What steps are you taking to place blocks into your email? Are you looking to edit the PDF you have uploaded? It's important we clarify how you're trying to work in our editor.


Reply from @WendyG05 

That is not when using pdfs. I use pdf uploads because the design build features are clunky and difficult to use for me. I find it odd since I've mastered other platforms and programs with no issues.

 If you are not looking to edit a PDF in our system, what steps are you taking to add blocks? What about our Build tab do you find difficult to use?  How would you expect the blocks to be available instead?


Reply from @WendyG05 

Why do they need to be blocks? Truly drop & drag allows you to move items
where needed. The blocks are cumbersome and aren't easily manipulated.


Is there a certain design layout you're looking for? There are currently some limitations of where images can be placed in an email, but this is due to making sure the email looks good across different devices. What limitations are you seeing that are causing your to create your email in a PDF?

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