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• It is difficult to edit content once an email is scheduled. I frequently prepare emails ahead of time and sometimes schedule them far out when I believe they are finished. It is annoying to have to un-schedule something in order to make additions or edits. Editing while an email is still scheduled would be great and take out an extra step.

• Re-sending emails. This is the worst. Rather than being able to simply use something that was already sent and basically forward it to a new recipient, the user has to copy it and go through that whole process again. This also gets confusing as then you have five of the same email sitting around, and even if you’ve renamed them it gets cluttery. It would be a game-changer to be able to re-send or forward content without having to “copy” it and create a whole new draft. This also ties into being able to edit content once it’s already been sent or once it’s scheduled – the edit system shouldn’t be on lockdown after you’ve sent or scheduled.

• Fonts don’t stay uniform. It would be nice if the font, text color, and size would stay consistent from section to section based on what you’ve selected in the past, rather than reverting to the default with each new text box.

• Adding contacts is not intuitive. When scheduling an email, sometimes I notice that there’s a last minute individual who needs to be added to the email list. It would be nice to be able to do this in one step, while I’m setting up that email to go out, rather than having to open a new window and manually add them to the contact list as a separate step. You should be able to send an email to an individual contact as well, rather than only lists. There are instances where new individuals are accepted to our program and need the same email that was already sent out to the larger group, and while they do eventually get added to the correct group contact list by me, I don’t want to re-send that same email to the whole list, but rather just to that individual.

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Hey @CIMBAItaly thanks for your feedback! I've gone ahead and opened this for voting so other users can provide their feedback on it as well. Regarding the sending to one or a couple contacts, we actually offer a Quicksend feature that'd do just what you are looking for. Here's a link with more information on it:

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