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I really do not appreciate the new look. The first page after login is unhelpful. I've never quite seen anything so bad! There should be a common toolbar, as before, to quickly access all settings, options etc. Why change something to make it worse?? I now have to click on 'Contacts Growth Tools' to get where I want. At least that's the way I found. Current layout is not evident, intuitive or user friendly.


You would be much better advised to spend your time improving the email editing experience than playing around with the visuals. The editing experience is always lacking, and does not seem to get the attention.


I am not averse to change, but change with the result of degradation of user experience is counter productive.


A paid customer for many years, I join some others here in saying I will start looking at alternatives if there's not some serious improvement.

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So far, not a fan. Show me how many I sent to, not just the open stats (on the "home"?? page). Don't make me scroll past your imposed metric reports to see the actual stats. Not having a lot of luck using the tab key, which is how real people use the desktop version. And I'm wondering how accurate the open / bounce stats are - in the past, I had to manually refresh each line to get the real info (which meant something was programmed really really dumbly in the back end). Now I don't see a way to refresh each line of stats, so I have to assume, but without a lot of confidence, that the info is right.
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Hate it.  Whoever approved this should be replaced.

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I totally agree with the above comments. This new design is horrendous! Not only does it look bad... it works a zillion times worst than before!


My biggest complaint (so far) is how time intensive it is to scroll through to find older campaigns. At least before you could easily skip to a page. Now, it's click wait scroll. Repeat. Repeat Repeat.


My job just got difficult.



what i see on my screen now is SO SMALL that I'm having trouble working with it.

Regarding the "refresh" button disappearing -- assume the info is not current. If you click on the individual campaigns it will have updated numbers (usually different than the reporting home page).

Newer is not always better. I think things were labeled more clearly in the previous web site format. I can't even find my event spots. This was a waste of your resources to re-do a perfectly functioning site.
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Could not agree MORE! I am so frustrated with the new event management format. 

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Agreed. It has our company aggressively looking into alternatives to Constant Contact. The new format is too much of a hindrance to our operations.

I have used Constant Contact for years and it has recently gotten so much harder to use. I'm trying tonight just to re-load an old email, edit it, and send it out in its new form. This should be so simple and straightforward to do, but it isn't.
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Also agree.  Our created templates disappeared; renaming campaigns not working; HELP instructions are not correct!

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1. Lists are not coming in date order when listed as New to Old. We need EXACT date/time order to find things in the SENT file. 2. When you schedule an email, it no longer takes you back to the folder you were working in. Now a page of unidentifiable information appears with emails have nothing to do with me. Scheduling is now taken double the time as usual and I haven't even gotten half of my work done. Don't fix what wasn't broken!!!
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My frustration with the "New and Improved" is the time it takes to figure out how to do something that you already knew how to do.

So here's my list of things not available in the new templates, some may be wrong by now but here it is anyway


Ability to edit a Campaign Name once it’s been sent
HTML copy and paste, copying a block from one campaign to another
Side Bars
Background colors for text blocks
Table of Contents,
Multiple pictures in a text block
Max width no longer 800 pixels now 600 pixels
Resizing pic to full width within a Text Block
Opens not posted on the "email send information page" 
Even worse is using Help and being directed to answers that are wrong or don't
apply to the editor being used
That's it for now. . .this feels therapudic!


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Hello, If you reply, please reply to I want to say that I really don't like the new layout of your site. I have several folders that I access on a regular basis and I hate that you have to navigate to the folders every single time. You used to be able to easily access the folders, and now it is incredibly cumbersome & time consuming. Is there anyway to have our account go back to the old format?
Hello, The new look is nice looking but difficult to actually use. Everything is too big, forcing a lot of scrolling. It would be nice to be able to change the page we return to after sending a campaign. Now we have to click to see all campaigns, then collapse folder and then finally click on our saved templates. It's a lot of extra steps, especially on days when a lot of campaigns have to be sent. Overall, working in Constant Contact is now time consuming and awkward. Lots of scrolling, loading and clicking to do something that used to take no time at all. Looks nice though! Hope that's helpful. Thanks, Katie
I'm finding your new format difficult to use. Do not like the search feature, preferred the drop down menu that you used to have. Gave me more options to choose from versus having to think of a good keyword myself. Need more mature Christmas / Holiday choices. Like the blinking light wreaths that you've had in the past. Would use them again but they are not mobile friendly.
Not liking the look and feel of the new layout. Is there a way to display it the old way?
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Thank you for the feedback @MilesB2,


We are moving all of our customers over to the new layout, so there is no way for us to move you back to the old system.


What is it you don't like about the new layout?  I'd love to gather your thoughts so I can voice your concerns.




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I am extremely disappointed with the new version and revisions implemented for Constant Contact. Before the changes, it was much easier to design and send e-mails, while now it's so cumbersome and frustrating, not to mention extremely difficult. Somethings are best left untouched; what was the decision behind these changes? "Progress" is not always the best medicine! Two thumbs down on the changes!
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Thank you for the feedback @CharmaineC8.


I'd love to understand your feedback a little more.  What areas of the new version of the product are you finding difficulty with?




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