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User interface updates

I really do not appreciate the new look. The first page after login is unhelpful. I've never quite seen anything so bad! There should be a common toolbar, as before, to quickly access all settings, options etc. Why change something to make it worse?? I now have to click on 'Contacts Growth Tools' to get where I want. At least that's the way I found. Current layout is not evident, intuitive or user friendly.


You would be much better advised to spend your time improving the email editing experience than playing around with the visuals. The editing experience is always lacking, and does not seem to get the attention.


I am not averse to change, but change with the result of degradation of user experience is counter productive.


A paid customer for many years, I join some others here in saying I will start looking at alternatives if there's not some serious improvement.

I found this new format confusing and caused many problems. Took longer and was harder to use.

I used to be able to see at a glance all spam counts for all campaigns in the last month, but now have to drill into each campaign to get each individual count. This makes no sense whatsoever for this most important statistic.


Total active contacts count is visible, but not showing on pages where I often am looking for it, so I have to go find it and then return to where I am working. I need to be careful to not trigger additional charges by accidentally going to the next tier - fine if my contacts are all those of those who are interested in my newsletter, but I am still gradually weeding out those that never open a newsletter.


And today, I decided to look at that nice graph I periodically view of my contacts through time but I could not even find it.


I have a suggestion. I believe you would do very well with actually working with a few people who are users of the email campaigns. Obsessing over clicks and even opens, for instance is not what I care about but actual sales. What time you think is best for opens is another example... early on Monday is very possibly just when they have to wade through all the weekend emails in their inbox to find what is important to start the week.  I doubt they are shopping right then. I choose times when they are likely to have time and inclination to shop.


Having said all this, the emails DO generate sales.

Thanks for considering,




I HATE the new look. There is no logic. I can't find my way round intuitively. Goal should be to make things easier not harder. I can't waste much more time on this before I go elsewhere. I am so angry at the time I've been wasting trying to use this.

Who's bright idea was it to consolidate the different categories of this site? Since when is an EVENT a Campaign? This really makes no sense at all. You launch a whole new event management system, which is great, but then a year later you move it as a sub category of a Campaign????? How does that make any sense at all? Now I can't see the events we are running on first glance, which used to be easy and straight forward. Now I am forced to click the Campaigns tab, then the events tab, then I can finally see what used to be right there upon the login. Your site gets worse and more complicated with each new release!! Amazing! If the site is going to get worse and harder to use, then the price should be cut in half each time you make it worse. Less service, worse service... should mean lower price. But in the end, I'd rather have the easy to use, easy to navigate site. Why do you all keep making the site worse with each update? You need to learn a lesson from Steve Jobs at Apple... "always make it as easy to use as possible, the most logical, intuitive layout and function, and the least amount of clicks." You all have been doing exactly the opposite!
Since when is an event a Campaign? Since when is a survey a Campaign? This new layout makes no sense, and makes it harder to monitor our different things we have going on without multiple clicks several layers. All this info used to be right there in one view on the home page, now its all buried and harder and more complicated to get to. Why would you all make upgrades that make the site more difficult to use? The price didn't go down for the worse service.

I can answer that... what don't we like about the new layout.... EVERYTHING!  Its way more complicated to use.  All the info that was right there in one screen you now have to click multiple levels to find it.  Some info is completely gone, such as read counts... used to be right there in one single glance.

The events are now buried deep... used to be there on the one glance screen home page.

The survey is buried deep.


The old layout was far easier to use, mainly being able to log in and see everything in one screen... event results, newsletter results and click counts, etc.  This was logical, intuitive, and easy to use.  Why on earth would you get rid of all of this and layer everything deep all under the heading of Campaigns?  Our events are not a campaign, and neither is our newsletters.  The whole new concept makes no sense.

Occasional Participant
...is terrible! Even worse on Samsung phone.
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Sorry to hear this, what actions are you trying to take on the phone? Are you working in the Constant Contact app?

Regular Participant

Not on the phone ... on my laptop.  I went in to see the progress of two email campaigns that went out this morning and could find only one of them.

Who was the complete fool who changed the way the whole program works - madness - been doing it well for years, now it is a new learn me tool just to send an email. And we pay for this?
You guys must be bonkers to make it impossible to edit and old email campaign - anyone know of a better company we can swap to?
It is really frustrating have my emails and my events combined.
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Sorry for the frustration @CommunitiesU. We appreciate your patience with us while we work to migrate all of our users to one unified platform.


We've made some changes to the "Campaigns" page that should help. On the left side there is an option called "Campaign Type" that, once selected, will allow you to view your Campaigns by type (Emails, Events, Survey, etc.). We hope this is helpful!

The new website is extremely confusing. Please reconsider the layout. It is best to provide a user-friendly format that allows users to go directly to their events, creating new eblasts, etc. Thanks!

The new format is terrible.  Please give an alternate option for reading the campaigns.  I understand updating so that the program works, but why throw away the happiness of your customers?

Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @JohnN566,


Thanks for the feedback. To help us understand how we can improve to make this easier, can you tell us a little bit more about what you would like to see changed?


For example, what seems to be the most time consuming (i.e. finding a campaign, organizing campaigns, creating campaigns)?

I do not see the value in the changes made to the website layout. This is not user friendly, and I would appreciate having my old view back.
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ack. not an improvement! i appreciate updating but this layout is cumbersome to see all your events and when they begin.
Frequent Participant
Not a fan of the new look. Much harder to navigate than before.
I do not like this new updated version of constant contact. It is hard to navigate and would prefer to be given the option of having the updated version or not.
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