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Hi there

I like the new template features, but it is missing features from the old newsletter.

* You cannot link a photograph to a website

* You cannot upload a document
* It does not have a menu feature
* Would like to be able to add in an image and then have the text wrap around / beneath the image
* A choice of social media images

When are you going to add in these addtional features please? New features look good but feel retograde step losing old features...


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Hi @RosemaryL7

I think some of what you are looking for is available -- I'm sorry to hear you aren't able to find these things but let me try to help.


To link an image you will just want to click on the image and then use the link icon in the toolbar.


You can upload a document on the left of the email, on the images panel. You can then include the document as a link on an image or in text form.


To wrap text around an image you will want to click the image and drag it into a body of text. You will see the pink line appear indicating where to drop it. The image you drag can already exist in your email or it can be the image placeholder on the left build tab. 


Can you tell me more about what you mean by a menu feature? As for the social icons, at this time this is a feature request that I am happy to add your vote to. You can create custom icons and include them as linked images as a workaround. 



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