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VERY POOR editing capability for bulleted/numbered lists

VERY POOR editing capability for bulleted/numbered lists

Trying to add a bulleted or numbered list I run into multiple problems. First, as users, WE should be able to control the spacing, not you, so there is/isn't a space between a heading and the list points or individual list points. Second, I cannot indent a list without it giving me a blank first item that is not indented.
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And even if the spacing is going to be built in (between bulleted items) a few choices could be provided. That doesn't solve the whole thing but it would help.

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Yep, we finally get line spacing and it doesn't work for bulleted text.


And, I still can't figure out how to box a column or change the background color of an entire text box without using a template which would necessitate having to recreate our newsletter branding. I'm not a graphic artist or a tech wizard and I'm tired of having to create a text image in InDesign/Illustrator and bring it in as an image which doesn't translate well in the final product. I'm, again, tempted to go back to Mail Chimp.