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Vertical Bar

You have horizontal spacers to separate sections, but not a vertical spacer. I'd like to be able to add a vertical bar to separate my content. Thanks!
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Thanks for all the feedback! In new templates we've added a new layout type that features a vertical divider bar that can be adjusted for your column width. This can be found under the layouts in the Build panel:



Feel free to give it a try in your next campaign!

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Hi @MarcL038

Thanks for posting this feedback! Can you give me an example of where you would use this? Are you using a template with multiple columns that you would like to seperate?

Occasional Contributor

Thanks for replying so quickly.

There isn't a Content Block for multiple columns without a picture on top.

So I was using a table, but was still looking for a way to visually separate the columns.


Thanks for the detail. Are you using a standard template? If so, you would be able to remove the image block that is abovethe two columns or even replace the image with text!


If the table works this is a fine way to do it. Are you familiar with code? The only options would be to code in a border on the left and right side of the table cells to break them up.

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I wish there was a way to add a vertical spacer in an email. Right now you can only add horizontal spacers
Real Estate

A Vertical divider line would be appreciated, much like you already have the horizontal style.


Thank you,



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Happy to see that you added vertical spacers and dividers to our tools, but unhappy to see they are no longer available.
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Hi @Squantum

Thanks for posting -- have you recently switched to the new editor? In this editor you can fully control (Height, width, thickness, color, etc) horizontal dividers but there are not vertical ones available yet. 

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Vertical dividers are desperately needed for two side by side blocks which you offer in the 3rd generation mobile template.

Regular Visitor

Can you tell us when to expect vertical spacers and dividers to become available on the new editor?


I think adding a vertical bar would give the option for a more dynamic layout. But in my case, I need to separate quarter page ads. 




Please add a vertical divider.  It's really important to divide the columns.  

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Would love to see the addition of vertical dividers. The people are asking for it! It would be so, so useful.

Trusted Contributor

What is the status of this request? It seems like a no-brainer. Since you offer these drag and drop segments with two or three items, a vertical rule is in some cases essential, and since you are not allowing access to html at this time, it must be built into your drag and drop options! You seem to assume that every segment will always have a photo and text, which helps to define those segments as elements, but in cases where there are two text segments next to each other a vertical rule will really help the design. It would also be good if it were possible to select different background colors for these two column segments sitting side by side (and allowing space between, so you could have colored blocks.


Also, I was excited to see there is a 5 column block, which was not there previously when I worked with the 3G editor, but why have you skipped over 4 columns? It would really be helpful to be able to choose between 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 column blocks.


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Agree, in need of a vertical divider. 

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Please add a vertical divider/bar in order to visually separate two columns in the new editor. It is very much needed. Can you please give us an update as to when we can expect it?

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Does anyone besides users read this post?  Vertical dividers please!!!

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I would love a vertical divider line :)

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We need vertical spacers and/or a way to make the image or text box much smaller in width.