Viewing selected lists during schedule

Hi - since the new third party editing format was implemented, I can no longer see which groups I've selected before clicking send.  It used to be that I could choose the groups and press save and then I could review the groups to make sure I have the correct ones selected before sending.


Also, I just accidentally chose the wrong group and immediately pressed unschedule and it wouldn't allow me to do my email went to the wrong group because it went out instantly.


Why has the functionality completely changed?  I get the removal of the copying of legacy emails, but why does everything else have to change with that?

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Hi @NikkiC707 where in the email creation process are you looking to see which contact lists were selected? Are you unable to see your lists checked off on the scheduling page?



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I'm saying that you used to be able to click Save and it would show the groups selected before pressing send.  That option is no longer there and if an incorrect group was accidentally selected, there's no way of knowing until after you click send.  I saw it after I clicked send and immediately clicked unschedule, but it went out instantly and there was no way for me to stop it.

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