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When I open the view, Campaigns, I would like to see them in chronological order beginning with the most recent campaign. I would also like to see all campaigns instead of constantly clicking "view all campaigns". Thank you.
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For some reason when I am looking at my list of campaigns, the most recent campaign has the opens & clicks stats transposed in relation to the rest of the campaigns.


Is there a setting somewhere that I can put the "columns" in the same order?



Thanks for posting! There is no setting to correct this but I can absolutely understand how having the reporting in the same order would be easier to scan or view. I've passed along your feedback to the team and we're going to look into the best way to keep this consistent for you. 


Thanks again,

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Hi @CarolM29568,


You currently have the ability to sort your campaigns by Most Recent, A-Z, Z-A, Old-New, and New-Old. Is there something else you would like the ability to sort by?


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I sincerely appreciate the new features!! However, I still find that searching for a campaign is tedious in general and when I go into a particular contact, the campaigns would be easier to see if they were listed by date in a column, instead of horizontally across the field. Any update for viewing campaigns in sight?

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