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I'm still in shock over CC shutting down operations starting at 8pm Pacific time today!  It paralyzes my workflow and subscribers at this time.  Why can't they do their 'maintenance at 1am like all other companies???

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Hey @JohnN448, thanks for your feedback. I completely understand the frustration caused when you are unable to get what you need done. We do try to complete maintenances efficiently and with as little impact to our users as possible. While we have customers in many timezones, we do try to schedule the maintenances during times where it will affect as few people as possible. I'll definitely pass along your feedback regarding this and I do appreciate your patience as we worked to complete last night's maintenance. 

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Thank you for your reply. I have paid subscribers who waited (on the east coast) for our audio replay email that didn't go out until 2 in the morning due to the maintenance that I'm guessing went longer than scheduled.


That is correct, our maintenance was unfortunately extended for 30 minutes longer than we anticipated. We do try to communicate this when it occurs by posting updates on our status page at https://status.constantcontact.com. I do apologize that it caused a delay in your campaign sending, we certainly try to avoid as much impact to our customers as possible. 

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I think there should have more options to contact support outside open hours.Email to chat after open hours.  I tried to contact about charge in advance. Because I am in another country it was difficult.I should be able to cancel online as well.


 I was automatically charged. I think we should be able to pay for specific time frame. I pre-payed for six months via credit card but was charge for a year. I did not receive sufficient notification. One email.  I thought I was getting a phone call. An alert should pop up in the account should appear as well. I am definitely reconsidering this service in the future.  

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Hello @SaritaD9

What method of communication are you looking to be able to reach us at? I'm unsure if you are aware of this but what we do have is support resources available to help you over the phone (Saturdays), and on Twitter & our Community (Saturdays & Sundays).

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Have 24/7 service. We don't all work bankers hours.

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Are you looking for phone support specifically or is there another channel you are interested in? 

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I agree. Customer support at CC has diminished over the years. We can't email support and we can't chat.


We’re sorry! We’re unable to handle questions related to Account Reviews or List Reviews via chat. Please give our award winning support a call for further assistance. 

US & Canada: 866-433-8499 
UK: 0808 234 9315 
International: +01 339-222-5900 


Just held for 25 minutes.  Gave up and hung up.  It would be so much more convenient and economical to be able to send an e-mail.  If talking on the phone is what is required, you could set a time certain to get a call back.  Hanging on hold is not convenient for anyone. :disappointed:



I think that's a valid idea! Were you trying to reach our normal support line or were you trying to reach a specialty team like billing or account review?


Good morning. I cannot tell you how frustrated I am. I have been working on an email that needed to go out asap.  All of a sudden, I am logged out and got the message below for no reason. I am working 7 hours ahead of ET, so this stops me for another 6 hours.  My suggestion is to add after hours support.  Thanks. 



Capture 3.PNG

They have named their company Constant Contact and there is no customer service available "constantly" 24/7. Apparently they upgraded their website and it is having problems. I am unable to send out campaigns.

Hi @PICO-AZ while our support is not available "24/7," it was available during the time you posted your feedback. How were you trying to get in contact with our support agents? What was the number you were calling? I can see you have since been able to speak with our Billing Support, are you still in need of assistance?


Very frustrating trying to work on a deadline with Constant Contact, your site goes down and there is no one to personally contact.  With a company as competitive as yours, you should definitely have 24/7 access to customer service so we can contact an actual person to report these issues.  Please fix asap, I have work to do. 


Thank you,

L. Aguilar

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Your service is currently down.  503, no login down.  But your status page says everything is fine and there is no where to report an outage.  You need to add this.  We need to know if your techs are aware and working on it, or not.


I discovered my account was deactivated only when I attempted to send out e-mails. It happened at a time when the office was closed. I had to wait for hours to get it activated. I was never told why my account was deactivated. 

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