Want to filter for templates

I prefer the older interface that pre-sorted the templates by layout style (ex. single page, sidebar on left, sidebar on right, etc). The current "sorting" is template overload. I don't want to look through every single template just to find one with the sidebar on the left.

It would be nice to search template themes.
I find it very strange that I can't sort and/or search your available templates. Let's narrow it down by holidays, industry, etc. etc. Or am I missing something?
Why isn't there a 'menu' of the different 'themes' for new campaigns? All I'm seeing is a Search box and I'm not getting any good responses to my keyword. I like the old option of a menu to choose from.
Hey, with the way you have that panel on the left hand side of the page, taking up room, I can't see my whole email without scrolling right. Seems to me the better place for that panel is on top where it is out of the way, but that's just me. thanks.
The templates are just all visually there. I liked the list where I could filter what I wanted, etc. Also, where are my Favorites?
With this interface change you lost the option to filter through templates by category - New, Conference, Busniess, etc. I find it harder to find a template that I want.
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what happened to my standard templates i was using all the time . you changed the site and i cant find them
I can no longer filter the templates. I want to use a mobile friendly template but you have removed the ability to filter such templates. HMMMM not sure why you folks would change that
you took away so many of your templates that I do not know it I can continue using your services....single column is all I see - nothing great in art work or interesting to look at....very boring... You had great templates that made our emails stand out from the crowd.... you changed for the worse. So sorry.
Don't like the CHANGES at all! How do I select my type of format - single column, dual, mobile friendly? This change was a step backwards for you.
With the redesign I have noticed that you do not offer any template choices for the spa, hair, or wellness industry. Having some choices for these businesses would be really helpful.
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The new template selection page is more difficult to use. I suggest you use a designer who will actually use the website features based upon the perspective of a real user. I have spent the past five to seven minutes attempting to accomplish what took me 30 seconds under the prior version of our website. I simple want to select a template that has two columns, and a particular color theme. I have been unsuccessful finding that feature in your current website design. If you are going to take away features, I suggest you provide a link, or pat, or description t o help people achieve the prior features. Someone was not thinking about design when they created this page.
Status changed to: Closed - Implemented
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