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When I copy an email, I need to see the old name

When I copy an email, I need to see the old name

We send out certain emails each month. I copy the old one to create the new one, where I tweak a few things. In your recent relaunch, you removed the feature where I could see the previous name of the email. Now, to keep my email names the same and sequential, I need to memorize the old name before I hit the copy button. If I forget it, I no longer have a nicely named series of sequentially named emails, I have a hodge podge of emails with different names.
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Status changed to: Voting Open

 @testt54547 this is a great Idea. I will open the idea for voting and pass it along to our Dev team.

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Agreed. Have the same issue.

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Agree 100%, if not more.  I have just been complaining about so many things recently that I decided to give this one a break.
I want my emails to have consistent names, just changing the dates. But bye-bye naming conventions. Please just give us the old way back. Or something to facilitate consistent naming.

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The new editor SUCKS.   Who's going to train all of my people on how to use it?


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Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

Hello everyone I wanted to let you know that with a recent update now when you copy a 3GE campaign you will see the original name of the campaign to help with consistent naming of your campaigns.