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Where are the Thumbnail Previews on the Email Page?

New look doesn't seem to show the campaign thumbnails on the list of campaigns. Big negative!

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Please bring back having the image next to the individual emails!
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It would be handy to have the option to switch the display mode of the list of all my campaigns between "List" or "Thumbnail" mode. You should be able to fit more in a window with less scrolling in Thumbnail mode I would imagine.


Side note, please add page navigation to the bottom of the all campaigns page. Right now you have to scroll all the way to the top to go to the previous or next page.

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I had the same question!! I hate having to click through a menu just to view a thumbnail. 

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When I pull up the list of all the campaigns, we can no longer see thumbnails. These were especially helpful when looking through our campaigns. We hope you will add them back.
When viewing all campaigns, I miss the email preview that used to appear next to the name. It made it easier to find emails I was looking for. Now to see a preview, I need to click on the email.
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I've spent the last 10 minutes looking for a template that was renamed by a coworker and I could not locate without seeing it in thumbnail format. Why?? Why??? I see the "preview" option, but you folks realize that people are visual. Images NOT WORDS are what people look for on a site. Geesh! That's Marketing 101!!! I will leave you one Kudo...I like the bar charts on the initial status report in the campaign area. However, I'd appreciate it if the same was done for all previous campaigns and shown within the campaign report itself.
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Please bring back the thumbnail images next to the campaigns!!
Thank you for fixing the page numbers!! We still need pictures of the campaigns! I am looking for a specific campaign I sent sometime last year between April and July - We have over 2600 sent items. How am I going to find it? I don't think the name reflects the content of what I am looking for and I can't search by name anyway. Please bring the preview pictures back to the main page.
I like Constant Contact but don't like the changes that were recently made. You can no longer see what the campaigns look like unless you click actions, then preview on each one. Not user friendly at all in my opinion. Is there any way to get the old version back?
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Is it possible to add the subject line of the campaign to the main screen view of all campaigns? and to add a thumbnail preview of the image of the email so it is easy to identify the content without clicking on the campaign. Thank you!

I'm slowly getting used to the "new look" of your website, but, I have to admit, I REALLY REALLY miss having the thumbnails (images) of each email showing - it made it so much simpler to check one, especially to choose a template that already has been developed, or, to find a particular campaign from the past. Please bring back the thumbnails!  I am leaving my position soon (tomorrow) and it will be even more difficult for my successor to find and choose templates or previous campaigns for ideas.  Thank you, and have a great New Year.

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Please add back thumbnails in the list of campagins
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With the last upgrade to Constant Contact, the preview thumbnails were removed from the page for each campaign listed. I do a lot of cutting/copying/pasting from prior campaigns. Now, when I have to look for something, I have to open each individual campaign's preview which takes a lot of time to find what I'm looking for and I'm not always successful. When we used to have the preview thumbnails I always found what I was looking for and did so relatively quickly. Is there anyway the thumbnails can be added back to the the "my campaign" page for each campaign? Thank you
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Email thumbnail previews next to the campaign name were really helpful...why did they go away?

is there any chance we are getting the picture of our campaigns on the home page back. It would really help in finding our favorite campaigns.
Liking the upgraded interface so far. Some ideas: - Include "Copy" as an option in Actions menu for emails on Campaigns page, so that you don't have to click into an email to copy it. - Would it be possible on the Campaigns page to include both the name you've given an email and below it the subject line? - I liked having the thumbnails of the emails on the main Campaigns page. Bring those back?
Hi there, Just a quick feedback on the new format--I don't like not being able to see the thumbnail of previous emails. I often copy formats that I liked/used in the past and don't want to have to recreate them. If there's a way to alter the view let me know.
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Instead of having a large list and having to click through on every one to find what I need, it would be great to have a thumbnail view/grid view, or be able to hover over an event title and a large preview of the email/event pops up.