Where are the Thumbnail Previews on the Email Page?

New look doesn't seem to show the campaign thumbnails on the list of campaigns. Big negative!

Hi, not a huge fan of the new "dashboard." Specifically: * I miss the thumbnails of our emails. Those were very useful to quickly scan through a list. * Also miss being able to rename sent emails, (especially now that the thumbnails are gone). That was a nice feature you had added a while back, but it's now gone again. If you could restore these features, that would be helpful.
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Please return thumbnails to the Campaigns page, they are completely necessary for a quick and easy finding experience.
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Bring back the thumbnails so I can cruise previous campaigns and pick out the layout I want to copy. NOT happy....having to click each campaign to glance at it takes SO much more time!
The new "campaigns" list is no longer user-friendly. Please bring back the thumbnail view! AND, please reinstate the ability for users to rename a "campaign" after it has been sent. Feels like we're going backwards with the CC capabilities and not forward. 😕
Status changed to: Coming Soon

Please define soon.

I'll keep asking, week after week. Bring back the thumbnail view. Bring back the thumbnail view. Bring back the thumbnail view. Please "certify" this as a "great idea" and then DO it.

I've been requesting the return of the Thumbnail images for a while now, so I'll add my voice here as well. Please bring them back!



Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

Great news everyone!  The thumbnail feature is now available in our new layout on all accounts.


We appreciate all of the feedback and appreciate your patience as we worked to re-implement this feature.

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