Where are the Thumbnail Previews on the Email Page?

New look doesn't seem to show the campaign thumbnails on the list of campaigns. Big negative!


I totally agree - why the change? And how do I find the different templates for the emails?


I agree. It's very difficult to find old emails now. "View More Campaigns" takes forever to load. Instead of a "sort" --it would be nice if you could do a SEARCH for the title or keyword from a past email.

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YES, a search funtion would be great.  Before I could atleast flip through the campaigns via pages, but now its all on one page.  Before I could remember, "well, my emails from May are on page 3 and I sent this campaign out around March so its probably around page 5".  And the thumbnails were a huge help in me being able to find different ones.  TBH the folder system doesnt work.  If they actually want that feature to work than if I am in the creation process of an email, I should then be able to categoize it within a folder from there.  I appreciate the thought of improvement but it was a huge let down.

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yes, me too, and the "re-learning curve" is costing me time and money.  I want a refund/discount and will be contacting the business office.


MANY people have been complaining for a LONG TIME about the loss of thumbnails on the main campaign list. This goes back to last December, and significantly increased in May. My guess is that this is when you forced the new interface on most of us. That's SIX MONTHS!

Constant Contact has provided NO RESPONSE!! How can you claim to value customer feedback if you NEVER tell the customer what you're doing with that feedback? Why not tell us what you're working on?? If you're not going to do this, tell us. Leaving your customers hanging for months and months is not a good way to behave.

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Really, reallly, really miss the thumbnails! This is a huge imposition for my company in creating new work because we usually copy previous eblasts--but we are doing it for multiple clients so it's important to choose the correct layout. Thumbnails can't return soon enough!!!!! My team has wasted countless hours searching or re-creating work that used to take a few minutes. Please, please get the thumbnails back!

why did you remove the thumbprint of the broadcast?? i need to see the image to know what it is! don't like the new look.
Thank you
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Having thumbnails next to campaigns on the My Campaigns page was very helpful in deciphering which email was which without having to click through and see what it was. Please bring this back!
With the updated interface, the email thumbnails are no longer a part of the display. I would like to see those added back in. It's really helpful when you are trying to find an email, or looking for an email to copy with a certain layout/style.
Having the thumbnails was an easy way for us to quickly find and edit a campaign. Having those go away is a total bummer and makes it harder to track down and manage active campaigns.
Need to see the images when looking for past eblasts
Michigan YouthF1126944850
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We need the pictures of the campaigns back on the page - so we can look and find the one we want to copy. We need the page number at the bottom of the page so we can get to the past campaigns with out clicking one page at at time (I jump 10 - 30 pages at a time). it is November and I am trying to access something sent in June or July.
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Why did you change the design? I really dislike it and its very unorganized. I don't like how all my thumbnails have disappeared and now I can only see the name of the email. I wish you all would consider going back the old old design. I think it is much more user friendly.
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What is the reason for the new format, totally removing the thumbnail of the sale that corresponds with the title? This is so unhelpful. It seems every change you folks make result in this platform being less user friendly. Please restore the old format or allow the user to choose between the new and old format.
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Please correct your sort button to actually work. Please bring back thumbnails.
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Please bring back the small image icon for Emails in all folders such as drafts, sent, and scheduled! Since our company is growing, it is very difficult to communicate what needs to be worked on or where we are in the process when staff can't see the image while scrolling to find it. Everyone seems to call the emails different topic names. This will help pulling up the correct email :)

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I agree with some of the prior comments about disliking these new updates. I suggest bringing back the following:


-Show the time that emails are scheduled for

-Show the thumbnail preview

-Show the folder in which emails are filed in

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You used to have thumbnails on your sent mail and now no thumbnails. This makes it very tedious to go through all the sent mail and find what you are looking for.
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I agree with all of these. I personally really need the thumnails back. I copy a TON of emails and this format makes it much hard to find them. 

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