Where the heck are my favorites?

I'm despising the changed look of Constant Contact. I always use the same template - but I can no longer just click on "show my favorites" or whatever. NOooo, I have to take multiple steps and then pick my template out of pages. PLEASE make it easy to simply choose a template, customize it, and have it readily available.
have a way to save template favorites so you can easily find templates in the future
Please bring this back or the ability to bookmark a template.
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I've already written about this once. I always use the same template - only NOW I have to fight through your oddly non-alphabetized list of templates to find it every day. PLEASE just let me toggle a "favorite" which will be waiting for me like a faithful dog. Seriously, this has really undercut my happiness with using your service.
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This option disappeared on me recently and I'm not sure why. Does Constant Contact think it's better to just make everyone click through all the premade templates to find the one they're looking for? It was so much easier when I could favorite certain ones I like and refer back to them later. it takes so much longer to sort through all of them rather than narrow them all down to a couple that you like when deciding which one to use. 


Please add the favorites bucket back in!!! I miss it :frown: 


Hello @RetaS


Thank you for sending your feedback about this. This feature is not available in our updated experience. I have moved your comments to our feedback area, so that it can be counted as a vote to get this feature into the new experience. 




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On the previous version of Constant Contact I had a custom template created. This template had all my fonts, colours, footers and everything precreated. It was easy to simply click this template when making a new email. With the new constant contact this template is gone. This is incredibly frustrating. Generally, I find the new constant contact not nearly as intuitive and takes much longer to load each page. Please try to reload all previously made templates to the new accounts. Thanks
I am not thrilled with the recent changes to the email campaigns. It feels like there are much fewer templates to choose from and the one I have used for the last several years is no longer available. Also, of the 4 templates I tried for a recent newsletter only one of them automatically uploaded my logo. The others I had to do manually and then it wouldn't allow me to change the size of the logo. I have yet to find a template that works for my monthly newsletter.
1. I no longer have a list of "favorite" templates to save me the trouble of looking through all of them. 2. Many of the templates I have been using for years are gone. 3. The search function is ineffective. I search (as suggested) "single column" and I get exactly 1 result.
I really miss being able to go right to my favorite templates rather than weeding through them all every time. It's especially difficult now that you have templates divided up, making them harder to find.
I used to be able to save favorite templates to return to them. How to do that now?
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