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Hi, Whenever I create a table and send a test email to my gmail, it shows a white lines where I split the image. Would be nice not to worry about that when I'm sending emails to customers. The email shows fine in outlook, but all other email accounts shows white lines in the image.
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Thanks for letting us know @BrianP82.


Our goal is for you to be able to get your email looking exactly how you want it, especially your images. Have you tried using our new "Artwork Tool" feature when editing your images instead of using tables? It allows you to add multiple pictures together into one big image that you can save straight to your library, along with other useful customization options.


Learn more about Artwork Tool here

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While this is very useful, it's not exactly what I need. When I have multiple products to feature in one campaign, I split the images into different sections so each image goes to that specific product page. I use the table to ensure the images don't tile up and to make sure it works on mobiles. Even with the artwork tool, I will still need to create separate images and put them into a table. Your table code will add a small space between the images in emails that I can't get rid of. It would also be nice to add a merge row/column feature into the email editing part. 

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