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I just tried to submit feedback, but couldn't scroll down to actually SUBMIT the feedback, so here is what it said. "The tips are fairly helpful, but the editing portion is so much of a pain that it almost completely overshadows the help. It's super unresponsive, things have to be done twice or more, and edits aren't even always saved despite me manually saving. Please make it less clunky and unresponsive." Holy guacamole editing emails has been a NIGHTMARE. I have to do EVERYTHING twice or more, and then despite me manually saving my edits, when I reload the page, my edits are gone. Sizing things next to each other is like pulling teeth, and I've had to do resizes about 5 times at least. Also, why can't you do text wraps? Text wraps seem like a fairly simple thing to do. Please make this less terrible to use, it really is super frustrating.



Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! Can you share any specific examples of edits that you have to make multiple times? What are the steps you're taking to save these edits? Also, what browser are you working in? Does working in a different browser still give you this same experience? As for not seeing the submit button, the troubleshooting step we suggest is to try in an incognito window. Can you submit your feedback through there? As for the editing experience you're having in your email campaigns, 


On the other hand - at this time images can be wrapped in the top left or top right of a text block. Does this help fit your needs? If not, we suggest sharing your need of more options for text wrapping around photos on its feature request thread.

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