Would like to schedule Resend to Non-Openers after original campaign is sent

We like the ability to schedule a resend of an email to those who did not open after a certain period of time. Sometimes, though, the wish to resend occurs as an afterthought, so we are requesting a feature that allows a resend to unopened addresses "on demand." Thanks!

Status changed to: Voting Open
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@PaulM972 Thank you for the feedback and idea.  There is a feature request to add the option to schedule a Resend to Non openers at a later date if you did not initially select the "Resend to Non-Openers option" when scheduling the original email.  I have open this idea up for voting.

Status changed to: Voting Open

If you have sent an email blast and it is scheduled to resend to non-openers in a few days, it would be nice to have the ability to reschedule the resend for a different day. 


Would love to be able to change the resend date to non-openers after the initial email is sent.

I usually set the resend date to 4 days.... but after email was sent, I realized that 4 days later was a holiday. No one was going to open the resend! So, I had to cancel the resend, then copy the campaign, then create a new mailing list from the non-openers, then send the copied campaign to the new mailing list. If I could have just changed the resend date on the initial email after it was sent, I would have saved 4 steps.

Thanks for considering!


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This feature used to be simple but now it is very complicated. I cannot figure it out without help. I really wish that you would go back to the older more simpler version that allows me to just quicksend to all unopeneds. I really do not like this. 


Hello @RichardP5,

Thank you for reaching out with your feedback! I'm sorry that you find it harder to send your campaign to the people who have not yet opened the original email. Are you aware of the fact that you can schedule this when sending out the original email now. Check out the article on how here!

Do you usually decide on if you want to send the same email again later afterward?
Would the option to quick send while viewing your reporting suit your need better?




Weeeeellll, it would be nice to be able to do a quicksend to all those who did not open it manually, if you have forgotten to check the little box. 


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