Yet another upgrade, **bleep** it.

I wish you guys would stop "improving" your product. It drives me crazy. You're as bad as Microsoft.
I've been a CC client/user for a few years and work with it on a weekly basis. This last week, I signed a new account for a client and noticed a new interface. I realize you probably dumbed it down for the unsavvy user, but for me, this is much harder to customize and navigate.
What ever you are doing to your website, please STOP!!! I can not find where or how to create and send an email out to my folks and I need to do it today. This sucks, your changes are horrible, your site is unnavigable.
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I couldn't agree more.  LEAVE IT ALONE!  I don't want to keep relearning.

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You have too many programmers, why do you need to constantly change the site, and I have to add not for the better. The new/old sort function does not work and you did away with the page numbers; if I want to find a blast from 2-3 years ago it is now taking me way too long to find it. What are you thinking??? People use marketing software to make their business better; what you have done is taken a good product, changed it so much everyone has to re-learn and no one wants to do that. I am starting to think "why do you even have this feedback area as you do not listen to what the users are saying." Your new site gets an "F". Evidently the person designing the site is not a knowledgeable in how to use it because they would not be making these kinds of changes.
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HI @PattiP7 and @EverettL

Can you tell me more about what isn't working for you? Are you having trouble finding something specific or do you not like the way the page looks? Any details are helpful to get off to the product teams here!

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I have been using Constant Contact for about 12 years.  I send out campaigns about once monthly. Since my use is rather occasional (i.e., not daily or weekly), I DO NOT CARE TO LEARN A NEW INTERFACE every so often.  Leave it alone. 


Things I have difficulty with now...and no time to figure it out.


I used to like the linear graph showing open rate and click rate.  Is it gone?  Is it somewhere else?  It doesn't pop up as it used to. 


In find that sorting lists is rather unclear.  For example, for market research, I divide some of my lists into "A" and "B" to test different campaign strategies.  Moving half the list to each of the A and B lists is always a bit of a struggle.  Not clear. 


Yes, you could TELL me how the new interface works each time you change it.  But I would prefer that you LEAVE IT ALONE if it works!

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