Your server blows!

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Last month I experienced poor quality saving my edits in my campaigns and was told not to use IE as my browser when I edit. I switched to Chrome and again, "can't connect to the server" is the message triggered by any Save I activate during my edits. Not happy and won't be a CC customer ever again as my membership expires. I won't recommend this product to clients either and will discourage others at my business chamber (2200 members) NOT to buy this product.

HI @JeremyK07

I am very sorry to hear this but I totally understand how this would be very frustrating. Both Internet Explorer and Chrome are great browsers to work in as long as the versions are compatible.


Can you help with some additional information?

- Where are you located? Area is fine, no need for specifics.

- Who is your Internet service provider?

- Are you on a work or home network?

- Are you only able to replicate this when you click "Save"?




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