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ability to add a forward to friend in emails

I created an email using card/announcement and when I tried to add "forward to a friend", "join my mailing list" and permission reminder" I was not able. I would like to have the ability to use these functions in future emails that I create.

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Hey all,


I wanted to chime in on this thread regarding the lack of Forward to a Friend in the third-generation editor. The simplest answer is that due to lack of usage in our previous editor (both our users inserting this link, and recipients using this link) we decided not to implement the feature. We also wanted to solve for cases where this feature was used as a workaround (such as getting around possible display issues), with other features or improvements to the editor. We want to focus on the latest and greatest features that will bring as much value as possible to our users. While I can understand that some users found this feature valuable, our plan is not to rebuild the second-generation editor, but rather to learn from its mistakes/successes to create a new, best-in-class editor.


To address some of the concerns around the lack of this feature:

  1. Display concerns: some folks like the peace of mind knowing that users can see a “clean-copy” of their email. As a work-around for this, I would recommend including a “View as Webpage” link. This will link to the web version of your email without any potential display issues, and it will not have any personal information of the original recipient.
  2. Referrals and new signups: we recommend including a link to a lead generation landing page within emails that you’re hoping will be referred along. If you wish to have your contacts share your email on their social media pages, you can include a Social Share bar in your email that allows your contacts to easily make this happen. 

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We had the same issue with our newsletter template. Right now you have to use the LEGACY templates to have the forward to a friend feature. They said they are working on it, but honestly, it's been a couple of years and they still keep pushing the "new" template. But if you have the template as you like it, you may be able to recreate in Legacy. It's not really that hard once you understand the concept of blocks and what each one is for. Good luck, and I actually suggested calling it Forward to a colleague or friend or give you a it makes sense to whoever is receiving.... 

We would like the Forward to a Friend button to be added back to the template editor. It was useful in our newsletters created with legacy templates, and there isn't a substitute for the feature in the new version.

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All of this feedback and CC still hasn't re-introduced "Forward to a Friend"??


Hey @AkinahR1,


Thank you for reaching out to us! I apologize that Forward to a Friend hasn't been added to 3ge. The more feedback we get from our customers, the stronger case we can bring to our developers as to why we should bring it back. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance! 

Is this feature ever going to come back? Having people forward from email client does not giving tracking info. :( PLEASE Bring this feature back.


Hello @MichelleS1760,


This feature is something we are submitting feedback on, so hopefully it is something that will be back in our product soon. Thank you for letting us know how important this is to you! We will definitely track your feedback and submit it over to our engineers for review. Have a wonderful Sunday! 


Many of us on this thread have been pointing out that we are actually LOSING people without this feature. When people forward our emails to people who are not in our database, it can and is considered SPAM. The result is that we lose people who have subscribed because the person forwarded to UNSUBSCRIBES that person and can report us for SPAM. It would be a positive for Constant Comment to consider their loyal customers by adding this feature back in after all this time. Other services offer it. CC should as well.


Hello @dorism11,


That is a very good point, and we completely understand why this feature is important. I will also submit your feedback on this and hopefully it will be apart of our product again soon. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but we do appreciate your feedback very much. Thank you!

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I think it may have been a year or so ago that I first looked into this conversation and at that time it was said that the feature was discontinued because it was very rarely used.


Has something changed in Constant Contact's assessment of this, such that it is seriously being considered to restore the feature? Or is this just one of those canned responses used when people complain  about a feature they want returned?

I don't know about others in the discussion, but I would rather not get replies like this when CC has already decided against a feature. It can be so frustrating.


Hello @JulieL34,


You are completely right, it was discontinued because our customers were not using it enough. Through your feedback, it helps us know that enough people will begin to use it if it comes back into our product. We completely understand your frustration and it is a feature that we are submitting feedback on. Thank you for your feedback! Have a great Sunday. 


Are you looking to have this feature back? I would love to use it too. That would help our campaigns.
Many thanks,


Hi @PeterD18977


We are looking to collect feedback from customers on this feature. So thank you for sharing your feedback on this here in the Community. We have submitted this feature request in your account to our Product Team. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with in the meantime.

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A forward to friend feature (and the ability for that friend to subscribe to our email list) would be essential. Is this something that Constant Contact is actually going to work on and release in the near future OR is it still just being discussed with the development team (as it has been for like the past year). 


 seems to have a forward to friend feature... may have to move over to them if Constant Contact doesn't implement this extremely useful feature. 


Hi @AlexE63


Thank you for sharing your feedback on this! A feature like this is being reviewed, however it was not a highly used feature in our Second Generation Editor. In the meantime we have tracked in your account that you are looking for it as well.


With all due respect, I have a hard time believing that Forward to a Friend was not highly used. Every other platform similar to CC has that. If it wasn't popular, they also would have eliminated it. CC's customers have been begging for it for at least a year. As a business owner, the ongoing requests (begging, actually) should be honored. I am not a software developer but am assured that it would not be a difficult option to add in. If people don't want to use it, it would be their choice. Those of us who want it should have that choice. Again, as a loyal customer.


Hi @dorism11. You noted earlier that you had concerns about contacts being unsubscribed when forwarding an email to a friend. It's a very valid point and I did want to mention that. Although we do not have a workaround to prevent the unsubscribe from happening, there is a message that appears when someone clicks the Unsubscribe link that states "If this isn't your email address you haven't been added to any mailing lists and there is no need to unsubscribe." The original contact's email address appears above the message as well so it is clear that the receiving contact has not been added to any mailing lists. This was put in place to alleviate any confusion when an email is forwarded. 


In reality, someone who receives an email from an unknown source and possibly considering it to be spam, isn't going to bother to stop and look at that. They're just going to hit Unsubscribe. It's a nice thought but it's not a viable workaround.


Hello @dorism11,


We do completely understand where you are coming from, and even though someone might skip past that message and click unsubscribe anyways, we did put it there to try and prevent that as much as possible. We do apologize for the inconvenience this is causing, and we are submitting your feedback over to our engineers for review. Thank you and have a wonderful Sunday! 

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I think one reason CC thinks the feature was underutilized is that... people don’t utilize it enough. They just go ahead and forward. But that’s something to deal with through better UI design, not be dropping it.

By not including the forward to friend feature, and by not providing a different tracking method, CC totally underestimated the power of word-of-mouth and direct recommendation, which are the most valuable marketing available to any company or service.
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I think this is probably true, and you can see why a person might be reluctant to forward when they have to bring in the address(es) of people they want to forward it to individually, enter them in separate fields that may or may not be the way they can easily copy/paste from their email client, etc.


On the other hand, at least one of the other ESPs (and I suspect more than one) who continue to offer this feature, only send a LINK to the online version of the email rather than forwarding the ACTUAL email. This is why the way Constant Contact was doing it in the 2nd gen editor was better than some of the others. I sincerely hope that if they DO bring this feature back they do it the way it was before, where the ACTUAL email is forwarded.