ability to add a forward to friend in emails

I created an email using card/announcement and when I tried to add "forward to a friend", "join my mailing list" and permission reminder" I was not able. I would like to have the ability to use these functions in future emails that I create.

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Hey all,


I wanted to chime in on this thread regarding the lack of Forward to a Friend in the third-generation editor. The simplest answer is that due to lack of usage in our previous editor (both our users inserting this link, and recipients using this link) we decided not to implement the feature. We also wanted to solve for cases where this feature was used as a workaround (such as getting around possible display issues), with other features or improvements to the editor. We want to focus on the latest and greatest features that will bring as much value as possible to our users. While I can understand that some users found this feature valuable, our plan is not to rebuild the second-generation editor, but rather to learn from its mistakes/successes to create a new, best-in-class editor.


To address some of the concerns around the lack of this feature:

  1. Display concerns: some folks like the peace of mind knowing that users can see a “clean-copy” of their email. As a work-around for this, I would recommend including a “View as Webpage” link. This will link to the web version of your email without any potential display issues, and it will not have any personal information of the original recipient.
  2. Referrals and new signups: we recommend including a link to a lead generation landing page within emails that you’re hoping will be referred along. If you wish to have your contacts share your email on their social media pages, you can include a Social Share bar in your email that allows your contacts to easily make this happen. 

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Hi @Rebecca-FRF 


Thank you for sharing your feedback on our email campaigns.  I apologize if any of the workarounds our support has provided for your experience are not the answer you were looking for. We recognize these are not solutions to defects or feature requests, they are something we suggest in the meantime. With that said, users are able to change the background color for a specific block as well as include vertical dividers. Where in your campaign were you looking for these features? As for the forward to friend ability, how would you expect this feature to work? Would allowing your recipients to forward a link to the webpage version via email be an acceptable solution?

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Thank you Frankie.  Please give me the steps for changing the background color for a specific block. Two weeks ago I worked with one of your customer service reps who finally said it couldn't be done.  If it indeed can be done, I'd like to know the steps.  Ditto on the vertical dividers. I was told it couldn't be done. Actually, was told that twice.  Perhaps we could talk by phone and you can walk me through the process.  As to forwarding a email so it maintains its formatting, this function used to work so just going back to the way it used to work would be great.  Another issue is with the placement of blocks - sometimes the blocks don't always end up where I'm trying to place them - especially when moving them around when they are already created.

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would like a forward to a friend feature, please golly, yes, ASAP. Surprised that earlier versions had it under-used. 



Hi @Rebecca-FRF 


You're welcome! Here are directions we have on how to change the background color for a specific block as well as insert blocks into your email that include vertical dividers. We have tracked your feedback on the forward to friend feature. Until then, formatting changes on an email when they are forwarded are caused by the email clients itself. I would suggest including a "View as Webpage" link in your email. Even if the email is altered, contacts can still view the unaltered version in a webpage through this link.

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Hi, I would also like to have the Forward to a Friend feature enabled, or as a link option so I can add it within a link in an email.

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Joining in on the several-year-old (!) wish to have a Forward to a friend feature. 


I, also, am looking for the Forward To a Friend feature to be added into the newer templates. 


Surely there is enough of a demand to bring this option back. 


Thank you. 


How do you track who is forwarding emails without Forward to a Friend? Also, how do you track how those who receive the forwarded email are interacting with the content? For example, we have some information that we send to realtors that they then send on to clients. We'd like to know who the clients are that are clicking through on our emails and if we might be able to provide further support based on what they are clicking on. Do I have to switch to a different email provider to make this happen?

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I used CC for years sharing newsletters to specific groups such as bereaved parents and first responders. I could not have had the numbers of subscribers (over 2,000) without the forward to a friend. PLEASE add this feature back ASAP! I am very disheartened since I came out of retirement to renew my work with families and first responders to find that the forward to a friend in emails is no longer available.

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Based on user forums I've found, the Forward to a Friend feature has been gone for over two years - when your email looks like crap after my users have shared it with their colleagues, I'll be sure to point out that it was your platform that created it.

I am also looking for the forward to a friend option.  This is very important to the organic growth of my mailing list.  Is there an estimated time of when this feature might be offered for subscribers to the CC service?

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