adding images from my library to the text of the email file

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It used to be super easy and intuitive to add images into the text of my emails.  It isn't anymore.  I watched the video.  It doesn't help.  I have been swearing for 20 minutes now.  I would have been done already on the version just prior to this one.  I am not a swearing person.  I am very dissatisfied right now.  I have been a client for years.  Not sure what you can do as I have to get this email out in the next 30 minutes.  Just now I am very unhappy with the new format.

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Hi @lauras85. I'm sorry to hear this. While we did not see your message over the weekend, we want to see how we can help the next time you're ready to send an email. What step in the process were you struggling with? Was there a layout that you wanted to recreate but weren't able to? 

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