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Would be nice to change the appearance of borders and dividers such as widen width or double lines or dotted lines.  MailChimp provides this option, why can't you?


Would be convenient to be able to change the default font so every time I add text to a box, insert a link, or start a new box, the text doesn't change back to Family Font from the font I'm using.  Also changes everything from left side to centered text. Then I have to change back to the font and position I want.  Vey time consuming and frustrating.

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Hi @SkyIslandChurch,


Thank you for this feedback. This is a feature many of our customers have requested over the years and we understand the importantce of being able to customize these items. For this reason, we've implemented this feature into our Next Generation Editor. If you would like to have this experience enabled for your account, please reach out to our support teams or reply back to this thread and we would be happy to provide more information/enable the Next Generation Editor for your account.

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I have a similar question. I am working on a new template for our weekly newsletter. I believe I am using the Next Generation Editor, part of the reason I wanted to change our template was to take advantage of this editor. However, it seems that the option to access the style sheet and the HTML has gone away. That would be fine, since I didn't use them much in the past but now, it seems there is no possible way to add a border to a box. With using columns like I would like to, it's pretty crucial that I can add boarders to sections. Is there anything I can do to create a new template and also have the option to add boarders to different sections? Please let me know! 

Thank you! 

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