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This is horrible. It's way more trouble that it ever used to be. I will be calling for assistance, right now I'm considering looking for a different ap for future use.
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Hi @LorraineH5. I'm sorry to hear that these changes are giving you trouble. Our teams are here to help by phone, chat or even here in the Community. I'll be closing your idea but if you need assistance, please post on our Get Help board.  

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I like the new look and feel and have not explored the update entirely yet; however, I'm in agreement that it is way more cumbersome to edit contacts. My partners sign up and are put into to an opt in bucket. We have to manually put them into their correct email lists and tag them appropriately based on their partner level and geographic region. The old system was way easier for me to manage this. The new system, while visually appealing, takes much longer for me to manually update all my opt-ins each week. 

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