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Maybe it's just me, but in the 3rd generation editor, adding links to a document is far too complicated. In earlier versions, when I wanted to insert a link, it gave me the option of going to my library and finding the document. Now I must go to the library, copy the url, go back to my campaign and paste the link. This is painful when each newsletter I send out has 6 to 7 links! Bring back the old method!

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Hi @KimS2328

Can you try this with your next email?


1. Highlight text or just Click on the block toolbar to insert a link

2. From the drop down at the top of the overlay choose "Document Link"

3. Pick the document from the options below.


Just a note: The document would still need to be in the Library but this won't require that you copy and paste the URL!

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Hi Hannah,

My insert link popup looks nothing like yours. Unfortunately, I can't paste the snippet that I made of the screen I see. My only options to insert a link are: website, email, or anchor. No document.

I'd be grateful if you can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong.



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Since we haven’t heard back from you I’m marking this idea as closed.

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