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For several years, I would send out emails using Constant Contact, but your templates and formats are limiting. You need to add a page-turning ability, and allow clients to create email campaigns that look like real magazines. I now use issuu.com for this (since Nov., 2012). My CC email is just a link to the eMagazine. You are large enough to incorporate this kind of design into what you offer clients. Click on the red link HERE in my monthly emails to see what I'm talking about.
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Thanks for the feedback @JimZ3,


Happy to share this feedback with our template team.  The emagazines you are creating with Issuu look really great!  Unfortunately there isn't a great way to make a template that would function the same way within a user's email inbox, but I'll definitely pass along the feedback to see if anyone has any ideas!

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Yes, that's true.  But you can do what I do:  Send out an attractive email with a large photo

showing the cover of the eMagazine.  This email has a link to the web-based eMagazine.


Need to incorporate this feature, for sure. Seems my link to issuu does not even work in constant contact.

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