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When I seek to add a new email list to an existing contact name, sometimes half of my email list names don't show up. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Very frustrating.

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Thank you for this feedback.

Would you be able to attach a screenshot next time this happens so we can take a look into it?  Sometimes there will be a scroll option that gets covered up which makes it difficult to get to other lists.




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Ugh why was this not followed up on.  I'm having hte same problem.


Sorry to hear that @AHAInc,


Could you describe what is happening to you?  Do the lists disappear, or are they being cut off when you're scrolling?  I'd love to understand better so we can try to find out where the issue is.


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I'm having the same issue-- when I try to add an existing contact to a new list, only the first 15 or so lists show up (#s, A-D). It allows me to scroll down to a certain extent and then stops, and acts as if there aren't any more lists to scroll through. Also, I cannot search to add the list, despite typing in it's exact name. If I exit out of that screen and simply browse through the lists, I can see that it's only showing the first "page" of lists (and I can find the list I'm trying to use, so it's not that it's been deleted). 

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I've enountered the same problem numerous times. Email lists appear in alpha order; so lists that begin A through E are there; the rest are not. If I hit the + button to type a list in under an email, it doesn't recognize the list name either. Frustrating. 

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 Apparently I need to log on more.  Struggling with the same thing everyone else is.  I go to add someone to a list while I'm in their name and I can only see the first part of my lists.  If it's after "g" I can't see it.  Why does this happen.


My contacts display in the Contacts section but when I try to add them to a campaign, they aren't there.  To make matters worse, CC has 9 to 5 M-F business hours and this is a holiday weekend so there is no help to be found.  I see a few similar comments were closed.  Does that mean resolved?  Anybody know what is the fix?


Thank you for the feedback all.  We are investigating a possible defect where some customers may not see all of their lists when they are selecting their lists to send their campaign to.  As of right now, the workaround we would suggest is to go to your Contacts tab and favorite the lists you are unable to find by clicking the 'star' icon next to the list.  This should move those lists to the top when you are attempting to select them.

Does this sound like what is happening to everybody?  We are trying to gather more information to work toward a fix.  If anyone has any screenshots they can share that would be very helpful. 


Thank you.

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That isn't exactly what happened for me.  I created new lists, then uploaded contacts in the paste box, and received notifications that the uploads were complete.  However, when trying to send an email, the lists weren't available so exited Campaigns and went into Contacts and found the lists but they were empty.  I then switched from Safari to Firefox and uploaded the contacts a second time, which worked.  I have been around enough to remember CC only worked on either IE or Firefox way back when.  I am also frustrated by how sloooooooow CC is.  For now, I will use it only in Firefox.

Patrick_W -- yes, that is what is going on and the favorites idea does help.  But it's still happening, and it is annoying as I have a lot of lists to choose from.  They can't all be favorites.  Thanks.


Thank you for the feedback @LaGuardiaHSPA,


When you are trying to select lists, how many of them are not appearing?  Is it most of your list, or just newly added lists? 


ugh. now having the same issue. even "starring" the list doesn't correct the issue.

the bug where if you have a lot of distribution lists you can't add contacts to them because only the first few list names appear in the "managed email lists" dialogue box. It has been months, perhaps years and you don't fix it!!!

@patrick_W For us it only loads from A-L (and the beginning of M). It won't find the list if you type it in the search bar in the popup nor if you type it in the lists box. I hope this gets resolved soon, it is very frustrating. Thanks!

Last time I wrote about this was September 2017.  You have acknowledged the bug.  When will you fix it?  It is something I encounter every week when I add new contacts. Have you given up?  Thrown in the towel?  Other fish to fry?

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Reading through these comments it seems the issue is when selecting lists in the scheduling page when sending an email, is this correct? We do have a bug that our engineers are aware of and trying to fix, however it is still an issue at this time for affected accounts (it does not affect everybody). Some people have found that when this happens with a specific list, moving/adding those contacts to a new list does resolve the issue. We apologize for and understand the inconvenience of this, and although there is no official time frame, when there is an update or a fix we will update this thread.


My issue is that when I view a contact, not all of the lists that contact is on will display. For instance, I will know for sure that a contact is on 3 lists (because I just viewed the lists and confirmed), but only 1 of those lists will display in that person's contact information. This is really frustrating and inconvenient!

 Well, here we are again, months and months later and the bug that you have acknowledged eons ago is still there.  Is that what the "Constant" in "Constant Contact" means?


I'm sorry to say that this software has gotten worse and worse over the years.  The new interface for composing emails is so horrible that I have abandoned it, and advise all new users not to touch it.  But for this bug, which causes lists not to display when managing contacts, is unforgivable.

What exactly goes on at Constant Contact, do you ever actually test your systems or listen to users?  It is has been years since this problem was first raised.


I am managing an existing contact.  I want to add the contact to a new distribution list. I have a lot of lists.  When I bring up the list to select the list I want, it's not there because it only displays a small number of my total lists, no ability to search or scroll.  So I have to make the list a favorite to push it to the top.


This is nuts.  Why can't it be fixed? It is so freaking annoying.  All my lists can't be favorites, do you understand?  Constant annoyance.

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