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emails lists not showing up

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When I seek to add a new email list to an existing contact name, sometimes half of my email list names don't show up. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Very frustrating.


I have the same issue, and it is really alarming and frustrating. I never know when it is accurate or not. What's worse is, several team members use our account, so often there's the initial panic of "who deleted this group??"


When I found this thread, I was happy to see I'm not the only one experiencing this, but it's awfully frustrating and disappointing to see that there isn't a fix for it yet. Along with the email-building part being so clunky and the site being so slow, I'm researching other options for us, I'm sad to say.

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I am having this same problem and it is really causing issues - someone please post a solution!


Same annoying issue. List not showing up when editing contact (even when editing contact from the very list that they are actually on). Please fix and advise.



I'm having the same issue.  It worked fine for several months and just recently started doing this.  Please HELP!


I have this same issue. Please HELP! I can't add contacts to any list whose name begins with the letter M or later. 


Hi All - I did find a work around. 

1. from "contacts management" page - search for the name that you want to add to one of your lists.

2. you will see the name appear in the search results.

3. click the box next to the name (don't open up the actual contact)

4. click "manage list"

5. select "add to list"

6. from there all your lists will be available.


Hello @RobR276,


I apologize that you are experiencing this as well. Can you please email social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com your username, a reference to this post, a screenshot of the issue, and as much information you have on this so we investigate further? Thank you! 

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I have the same issues! Drives me crazy. Why does this happen?

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