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I think it sucks that I can't look at old emails in the old editor. You should have preserved a read-only copy that I could at least refer to.
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Hi @Gardengrow what are some cases you would want to view Legacy Editor newsletters?  Does downloading and saving emails through these steps help fit your needs?


- Click the thumbnail of the email
- Click on "Print"
- When the pop-up comes up, under "More Settings" make sure "Background graphics" is checked
- Save your email image as a PDF

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Hi and thank you for your reply. The thumbnail was a stock graphic and not an actual thumbnail image of the email so I didn't realize it was clickable for viewing purposes. I clicked on the title of the email expecting to see it that way. Clicking the thumbnail did work and being able to view Legacy emails helps when I want to refer to old emails for promotions that we repeat every year. 2020 was so different because of covid that I needed to go back to 2019. Thanks for the assistance and sorry I was so grumpy.



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We're late in our reply @Gardengrow but I'm happy to hear that Frankie was able to assist you. Have a great day!

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