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After being automatically logged out, the system returns me to the original copy of the newsletter rather than the editted version that I had been working on. The first time this happened, I thought that all of my edits had been lost. Now, I realize that the system is just kicking me back to the copy that I made to start my next newsletter. Getting to the new copy with all of the edits requires clicking to the Campaigns page. This bug has been in place since the upgrade, but I'm only now reporting it.

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Good luck. There's a whole huge thread on this messed-up auto-logout business. It supposedly got fixed, but we still experience it, in a variety of browsers with a variety of settings. It has a lot of bugs, from what you've experienced to not even being able to say "I'm still working" to getting logged out while you are actively typing to. . .   Glad to see that Ariana_L is on this - maybe having someone new on the case will get some action?

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I often get timed out while working on a campaign that is a copy of an old campaign. When I log back in, it takes me back to the campaign edit page, but because I got there by "copy"ing an old campaign, it copies it again, then gives me a warning message that I have a duplicate campaign name. I don't want to create yet another copy, so I click campaign, then have to answer some inquiry boxes before I can get back to campaigns, then click on my original copied campaign which is in progress.

Ideally, when logging back in from being timed out in this situation, I would end up at my original copied campaign and continue working on it. 


This is very annoying, and it shoudl be an easy fix. It happens to me all the time, as my campaigns are complicated and often require research between edits, so I keep my editing page up for a long time.

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