"Select All" should select "all" in filter mode

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When choosing lists to send to, we can filter them. At the top of the filter results, there is a box marked "Select All". Logically, this should select all the results of the filter, right?? Instead, it Selects ALL of your lists, regardless of whether they are in the filtered list or not. All of a sudden, with just one click, you have all of your lists, and you have to delete each of them separately by clicking on the "x". This is a HUGE waste of time. 


It is also a waste of time to have to filter down to a dozen lists or more and then click on each of them to select them for inclusion. The reason I filtered them is so that I can choose all of them as a group. "Select All" should be that option. Unfortunately, it is not.


Hello @FredericC4. Thank you for your feedback.


Yes, Select All will select all of your lists, otherwise you can select the ones you want individually.

I've opened this request for voting.

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