really hate the new editing interface - too simplistic - i don't want to guess!

old editing interface may have been overkill but at least everything was spelled out - once again cute isn't easy and sparse doesn't make it faster. I feel I have less options and it takes longer to accomplish less.
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Hi @RobertaH38,

Thanks for the feedback. Is there anything specific you feel like you lost in the new editing experience that you did not have in the previous version, or anything specific that was less obvious to figure out?




Hi @RobertaH38,


I feel the same way.

Just to name a few frustrations with the new platform:

The previous interface allowed me to easily change the background colors or texture instead of limited to a fews, none of which fit the brand of the email.
My clients loved the availability to customize the CSS to match their website image, which is now no longer available.

I relied on the access to the html feature which was useful when spacing or formatting wasn't sticking.  
The old interface allowed for easier placement of images.

My clients are telling me that the new interface appears less professional to them.

Maybe it's just us.


Wishing you awesome and continuing success.

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Lost two clients this month due to lack of diversity in available holiday templates and the lack of ability to make necessary edits to match their promotion theme and brand.
The previous interface allowed for more inclusion of full custom backgrounds and better placement of images.  One told me that without the ability to edit the stylesheet or the html, their choices of templates made them appear like everyone else and the other told me that the new interface has taken away their ability to duplicate the look of their brand. Both of these clients complained mid-year and since nothing changed in the interface to help their needs, they finally gave up. No renewal by them for next year. 


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